What is Amwaj Islands?

Amwaj Islands is a private development that was developed by Ossis Property Developers BSC (the Master Developer) during 2000 – 2003. It was classified by the Government of Bahrain as gated and closed private development in 2014 as per the Cabinet of Bahrain. This means that owners have joint ownership of the common and general areas comprising Amwaj Islands and participate in the maintenance and upkeep of these common and general areas. The concept is akin to ownership of a private unit in a building or a compound but is expanded to cover the entire area included by the gated and closed development. The vehicle through which individual owners jointly own and participate in the management & maintenance of these common and general areas is the Amwaj Island Central Owners Association (AIA).


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What is the Amwaj Islands Central Owners Association (AIA)?

The Amwaj Islands Central Owners Association (AIA) was formed as per the established laws regulations, and with the coordination of RERA. Through the new property law No. 27 of the year 2017, the government of Bahrain has established the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) which has issued several resolutions to regulate the establishment of various types of owners associations such as Joint Property, Main and Central Owners Association for large and mixed developments like Amwaj Islands as per resolution no. 01 of the year 2020.

What is AIA and what does it do?

AIA is the legal entity created in accordance with the laws and regulations of RERA to manage, maintain and operate the common areas and facilities of Amwaj Islands for the benefit of the owners and residents a) It’s a nonprofit entity as per the law. b) Part of its primary functions is to apply the community regulations and rules, and to ensure that owners and residents alike comply with them c) To ensure maintaining of the functionality of the facilities and common areas of Amwaj Islands d) To promote harmony and goodwill between owners e) Maintain records and provide updated statement f) Comply with relevant laws

Why are owners within Amwaj Islands obliged to pay service charges to the AIA?

In order for AIA to carry out its responsibilities and to deliver the services, a service charge is levied on the owners to ensure the association is able to fulfil its obligations and duties.

What does the service charge cover?

The AIA service charge is based on the budget required each year to spend in order to cover the costs, fees and expenses related to the management, maintenance and operation of Amwaj Islands common areas and facilities. These include: a) General security and access control systems b) Maintaining of landscaped areas c) Streetlighting d) Maintaining the roads, bridges and footpath areas e) Refuse collection f) Beach cleaning of common beach g) Pest control h) Treatments of sewage collected from the owner’s plots and supplying Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE) as irrigation water for the landscaping areas. i) Insurance of common areas j) Management cost (staff & operation cost) k) Enforcement process of infringement non-compliance and similar l) Any improvement needed for the common area m) Amount being allocated to the reserve fund as per the applicable laws n) Contingency amount for emergencies

What is the basis of the service charge?

Amwaj service charge is calculated based on the size and type of use of each plot. The determining factors are a) Size of plot b) Zoning type c) Allowable built-up area, and d) Stage of construction

Why is the service charge applied in 2020 and not earlier?

Up until the establishment of RERA and subsequently of the AIA, the Master Developer bore all maintenance and operation costs for the first 15 years which ended in 2017. Upon the establishment of the AIA in early 2020, the mechanism for owners associations transfer of responsibilities commenced.

How can we contact the AIA?

If your questions are construction-related, kindly go through the "E-Forms" section on the website to submit the relevant form. For all other enquiries, please contact the helpline desk at • Telephone: 1603 3132 • Email: [email protected] Please continue to follow AIA news and updates on • Instagram: @amwajassociation • Website: www.amwajassocitaion.bh

Definition Of Terms


shall mean those areas of land shown on any recorded subdivision plan of the property, other than Lots, which are intended to be used and enjoyed in common by Owners in the Property, which include without limitation, any private roads, common beach areas, beach access, parking areas, medians, footpaths, verges, landscaping areas and utilities, and all improvements to this list now or hereinafter constructed.


the amount paid in advance by OPD for new and upgraded high voltage and low voltage power lines/cables, and the supply and installation of transformers as necessary for all electricity consumers in Amwaj-Islands. Owners are then required to share proportionately the cost of providing the electricity infrastructure required based on the user’s total demand load. OPD reserves the right to modify and change the value of Capital Contribution without prior notice or warning.


2.3 Additional Services

It is the intention that OPD will establish a maintenance company to be known as “Amwaj Maintenance Company” which will offer additional services (for a fee), such as:

2.3.1 Housekeeping/cleaning services