25 January 2020
Manama, Bahrain

Amwaj Islands First Annual General Meeting.

Annual General Meeting

Amwaj Islands held its first Annual General Meeting of Amwaj Islands’ Central Owners Association.

A large turnout of Amwaj Islands land, villa, and plot owners joined together, where a quorum of 54% was reached which enabled the meeting to commence.

The event was held at the Art Rotana, located in the prestigious Amwaj Islands, where the months of build-up between Amwaj Islands, its residents, and RERA, finally came to a close yesterday, and a Central Home Owners Association was formed with its new Board Members.

The new Central Owners Association Board Members consist of Mr. Abdulaziz Buhajeeh, Mr. Abdulla Nooruddin, Mr. Hussain Kazerooni, Mr. Yousif Khalaf, Mr. Mohammed Nouri, Mr. Mohammed Abbas Haji, and Mr. Jameel Almatrook.

Mr. Jameel Almatrook, Managing Director of Ossis, the master developers of Amwaj Islands, chaired the meeting which lasted approximately four hours.  Mr. Almatrook said, “We are extremely happy with the turn-out and the engagement of the Owners.  We appreciate all the people who took the time out of their busy schedules to help make this happen, which will only help make Amwaj Islands a better community, which is what we strive for.”

This would be the first time in Bahrain that a Central Owners Association of this scale and magnitude forms.

Annual General Meeting